Learn About Our Groomers


Please welcome our new groomer Ashley to the Emerald Street Kennels family. Ashley is a Boise native who proudly served our country with a 11 year stint in the US Army. While in the private sector Ashley has followed her lifelong love of animals; she has worked as a veterinarian technician, volunteered for various animal rescue groups and worked as a groomers assistance. It was her time working as a groomer's assistance that lead her to open her own grooming business. Ashley has a total of 3 years of grooming experience.

While not grooming our furry children Ashley has numerous interests; as an long time military veteran Ashley volunteers her time to various Veteran's/Women's Associations including Forever Your Overwatch, Condition Gray and The Mission Continues as well as the local chapter of; Ride for 22 - a group that promotes awareness for the 22 veterans who die from suicide every day . In addition Ashley and her handsome Rottie Fox (please see below) are avid hikers, Ashley also is a dedicated quilter (often creating quilts for various Veterans groups). Lastly Ashley is currently enrolled in several biological science courses in order to achieve her ultimate goal of becoming a licensed Veterinarian.

Meet Ashley's dog named Fox

Meet Ashley's dog named Fox