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Idaho Saint Bernard Rescue


Currently in Melba and Boise


MOOSE is one of the bestest boys, but has had very little interest! He is a happy, healthy 5 year old Great Dane/Rottie mix that has waited almost a year for his own home.

Let me lay this out for you...

1. Moose LOVES people. Like...really. He will love you forever and ever. And he will demand belly rubs forever too, so be prepared.
2. Have you SEEN his eyes???? That color is straight from the Heavens.
3. Moose is an amazing shotgun rider for car trips.
4. He adores puppaccinos, but is a true gentleman about it and not too messy.
5. He is an excellent house guest. Unless you leave food out, but that goes for most house guests.
6. Moose has done GREAT with other dogs when he has a proper introduction. His excitement level is just a little much at the beginning, but if you give him time, he really loves to play.
6. Moose promises to keep your yard free from those pesky stray cats and squirrels.
7. He is neutered, so no baby mama drama.
8. Moose is a goofy dog that will entertain you with his silly antics. He is great in the house (house-trained/crate-trained) and loves watching out the blinds.
9. He walks well on leash and it is easy to get his attention. He is treat-motivated to learn even more good behaviors.
10. He is a gentle giant who is a leaner and nuzzler (see video).

I could go on and on, but I think it's clear. Moose is AMAZING and just waiting so patiently for his forever home!

He would love an active person or family that will take him out to do things and explore, but also let him cuddle on the couch with you.

All dogs in the home must be fixed. 6-foot fenced yard definitely required. We adopt to within 12 hours of Boise, ID.

Meet MOOSE by completing an application at https://www.idahosaintbernardrescue.com/.

Lake Lowell Animal Rescue




I am a 7-year-old hunk-of-a-boy who was rescued by the nice volunteers of Lake Lowell Animal Rescue in December 2020. Thanks to the pawsome volunteers and donors of the rescue, my bad teeth are gone and I am a happier, pain-free pup.

I didn't have the easiest life before being rescued. That's why I love being held and petted and cared for like a baby.

Don't let my age fool you! I have a LOT of energy! I love going for leash walks and am good in the car on our way to adventures. I may be a little hard-of-hearing, but who isn't at my age. Although I've been in boarding for a while, I've put on weight and am healthy and ready to start over with my forever family.

I'm looking for a pet-free family with an active lifestyle in a home with lots of love and attention. Bonus if they could also work on my leash-walk training.

Want to meet me? Click on my gorgeous photo at www.lakelowellanimalrescue.org and hit the APPLY FOR ADOPTION button.


Meet COOPER !!

Happy-go-lucky, mellow mixed breed 6 year old just wants a loving home of his own where he can sleep on a fluffy bed, play with toys, and snuggle with his family.

COOPER is literally the NICEST boy that you will meet! Happy, friendly, wonderful, dreamboat are words that have been used to describe him. He has a low energy level, auto-sits pretty for treats or praise, and is treat-motivated to learn more. His gentle mouth will be good around kids. He gets along with ALL humans.

A quiet foster home with no dogs is likely best for COOPER, but he could live with low-key, chill, smaller dogs. He doesn't appreciate youthful, energetic dogs who are up in his business. He hasn't always been good around cats.

He loves his walks and has excellent leash manners. From volunteer observations, he appears to be house-trained. Staff at the boarding kennels say that he likes to sleep most of the day.

Visit Lake Lowell Animal Rescue website https://www.lakelowellanimalrescue.org/ to complete an application for COOPER.

Freedom Bound Hounds


SIMON is an 11-month-old, ~50 pound gorgeous creme-colored lab mix puppy that just wants a family to call his own!

He is happy-go-lucky and eager to please. He does well with dogs, cats, and kids. He takes treats with a gentle mouth.
He walks well on leash and loves snuggling on the couch.

SIMON has medium energy and will make a great family dog.

Complete an adoption application on the Freedom Bound Hounds website: www.freedomboundhounds.com/adoption-info to meet SIMON in Boise.

BACKGROUND: SIMON was rescued from Texas. Ask the rescue about the interesting start to his young life!

Emerald Street Kennels



She is a beautiful 11 month old husky mix that lost her family.

ARROW is good with people, including kids and all dogs. She does well in off-leash playgroups at her boarding spa. We don't know how she will react around cats.

She walks well on leash but is easily distracted by all the things around her (she is still a puppy!). She startles easily with loud noises. She already knows sit, down, stay and is treat-motivated to learn more. She is still learning to use a gentle mouth, so maybe no small kids at this time.

ARROW is spayed and current on her vaccines. ARROW is healthy except for some allergies that her people are trying to figure out.

Meet ARROW by visiting her at Emerald Street Kennels, Boise. They are open 7 days a week.

BACKGROUND: ARROW was surrendered because her owners didn't have enough time to take care of her properly.



DABBY DOO is an adorabull, medium-sized 4 year old red nose pit bull who is super friendly with people and kids. She has been off-leash with other dogs at her boarding spa. We don't yet know her reaction to cats.

She is a happy dog who knows how to S-M-I-L-E. She is quiet and walks well on leash.

DABBY DOO is current on her vaccines and will be spayed soon. She has had two litters of puppies that included 12 puppies each, so she deserves a dog-free home where she can be loved for who she is instead of just a money machine.

Meet DABBY DOO by visiting her at Emerald Street Kennels, Boise. They are open 7 days a week. emeraldstreetkennels@gmail.com

BACKGROUND: DABBY DOO was surrendered because she did not get along with the other dog in the home.



Poor sweet LIL MOOSE...

He found himself homeless December 2020 after living in a home with little kids, so Emerald Street Kennels took him in. In his home, he was crated 24/7 and not really part of the family, so it wasn't really a good life.

LIL MOOSE is now a happy, healthy, bouncy 8 years old who deserves more than life in a boarding kennel.

LIL MOOSE plays well with other dogs. He is housetrained. He knows 'sit' and 'shake' with both paws. He is treat-motivated to learn more too! He loves car rides.

LIL MOOSE used to be strong on leash and didn't get out much for enrichment walks, but Dog Trainer Dan found a method that can be used by anyone so that walks are more enjoyable.

Because LIL MOOSE wasn't treated as part of the pack in his previous home, he sometimes needs slow introductions to new people. He seems to do better with women, than men. Someone home a lot would be a dream come true for LIL MOOSE.

LIL MOOSE is neutered and current on vaccines. He does have a chicken and corn food allergy, but it is under control and his coat is super healthy and shiny.

If LIL MOOSE sounds like a good fit with your family, then stop by Emerald Street Kennels, Boise to meet him, call them at 208-378-0123, or email them at emeraldstreetkennels@gmail.com



Hi, I'm SAVO!

I'm a gorgeous, gentle soul, 4.5 year old English Mastiff/boxer-blend goofball who found himself in this nice boarding kennel a year ago after my family could no longer care for me.

The people here learned that I could play in the off-leash playgroups, so would love to have a doggy playmate in my forever home. I already know about living in a home without young kids. I don't know how to behave around cats.

I am looking for an active family to enjoy long walks with me, runs, and rolls in the grass, but then be able to chill and enjoy treats. I will bond quickly with my new family.

I am house-trained, crate-trained, and walk well on leash. I know my name and will auto-sit pretty. I even take treats gently.

Guess what? I was recently selected to go with a volunteer to the 34th Street Market. I was calm in the car getting there. There were lots of people and commotion, but my person said that I did well walking around. People asked to pet me and, of course, I let them.

I am current on vaccines, neutered, healthy, and ready to go to my forever home.

Please come visit me at Emerald Street Kennels today! emeraldstreetkennels@gmail.com 208-378-0123

Melba All Animal Rescue



Meet RUBY!

RUBY is a 2 year old active, sleek, pretty, sweetheart that just wants to please her people.

This girl will be your best friend and make you feel you are the most important human on earth. She is so excited to see people that she does the cutest lil happy dance your eyes will ever see.

RUBY is good with children and has been good with dogs after a slow introduction

RUBY already knows 'sit' and is good leash during her walks. She is crate-trained.

RUBY is gentle taking treats and looks right into your eyes when you say her name.

To meet RUBY, please email melbaallanimalrescue@gmail.com or text 986-200-1033.



JUNO is a sweet, family-friendly, dog-friendly 2-year-old Ausie/border collie mix who loves children and new people.

JUNO has lots of energy, so is hoping to find a home with a family that enjoys the outdoors. He loves walks, hikes, and playing lots of fetch, but enjoys cuddling and getting butt scratches.

JUNO is a happy pup who adapts to new situations very well. He is so intelligent, these are just a few of the tricks he can do: sit, shake, other paw, lay down, and rollover. He will pick up on more tricks very easily.

JUNO is fully vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped so ready for his foster or forever home.

Visit Melba All Animal Rescue on Facebook to complete an easy, online application to meet JUNO or text 986-200-1033.

BACKSTORY: JUNO was rescued in mid-April one day away from being euthanized because of kennel and food reactivity. With the help of the community, we were able to bring him to our rescue.



After a year in boarding with almost no interest, special-needs (deaf) WOODSTOCK decided to create a page for himself!

WOODSTOCK is a young Catahoula Leopard mix that could be your next adventure buddy. He is interested in everything around him even if you don't want him to be. He has sniffed out a dead carcass for his handler on one recent hike.

He doesn't pull on walks and even checks in with his handler. He has been known to show off by walking on his hind legs!

WOODSTOCK already knows sit and shake and is treat-motivated to learn more. He waits patiently for your treats and takes them with a gentle mouth.

WOODSTOCK enjoys rolling in the grass, belly rubs, and even plays with toys. He is hoping to find a cuddle-buddy.

WOODSTOCK would love to show you how well-behaved he can be for you in a home. Can you give him his second chance?

Contact melbaallanimalrescue@gmail.com to meet WOODSTOCK.

BACKGROUND: WOODSTOCK came into rescue with his previous owners saying that he just could not be around other dogs. Dog Trainer Dan took some time to figure him out, and found that WOODSTOCK just needed someone to show him how to behave with other dogs. He now plays with some big dog best friends.


Hi! I'm SALTY!

I'm a 3.5-year-old, high-energy youngster and really am an awesome dog. I'm very loyal and listen really well. I love everyone that I meet because I like the attention. I really enjoy playing with my human and dog friends. I'll play with all the toys, I'm not picky, just want to have a good time.

I'm smart. I know how to walk on a leash really well. I'm even good on a treadmill if you have one for exercise.

Even though I'm high energy I really like to relax. I am house-trained and crate-trained. I sleep in my crate at night; it's my favorite place.

I do have a chicken allergy (get extreme hives), so I'll need some special food. I am not a dog park dog, it's just not the right place for me. I get overwhelmed with dogs in my face.

The ideal home for me is one with a patient and loving family. I prefer being an only dog, but slow introductions with the right low-energy dog could also work. Sorry, I'm not a fan of cats because I don't know how to act around them.

Any questions, just text 986-200-1033 or melbaallanimalrescue@gmail.com and ask for my people, Darby.

BACKSTORY: I was surrendered to Emerald Street Kennels by my person in October 2019 because he had to have shoulder surgery. The kennels were very stressful to me because I am excitable and need a calm environment, but, fortunately, that's where I met Darby and Dan. They transferred me to their rescue (Melba All Animal Rescue) to help me with my manners and continue my search for a forever family.



KYLIE's young life was going to be cut short because she wasn't a fan of dogs, but we just couldn't say 'no' her sweet face. She was brought into the rescue in November 2020 and has been working with our dog trainer ever since.

KYLIE is a 3.5 year old, 70-pound female Pitbull blend. She is a very loyal dog; every time we see her she's ready for bear hugs and kisses. She's a sweet soul once you get to know her and has the sweetest face...I mean, come on, look at her? ??

She is high energy and loves her walks. She loves to ride in the car to get puppachinos. She is working on her leash skills with staff and volunteers.

She is also working with Dog Trainer Dan on her behavioral issues while she is in boarding. She gets lots of walks, pets, and treats in boarding and is loved by all of the employees and volunteers, but she would like a family of her own where she is the only pet.

Our goal is to take KYLIE out of boarding and place her in a foster home with someone willing to help her overcome her dog reactivity and continue her dog training. She's lost some weight and cannot seem to keep any pounds on, so we are working hard to ease her anxiety and to put that weight back on.

KYLIE suffers from extreme ear infections (likely because of kennel stress) and sees the vet quite often. The rescue has switched her diet and tried ear medications many times. Our next effort is a sedated ear exam to get a good look and see if I have more going on. The rescue is currently accepting donations to help cover KYLIE's vet costs.

KYLIE was given a second chance for a reason. She's ready for a new adventure, she will never look back once she finds the perfect family ?‍?‍?‍?

To meet KYLIE, please email melbaallanimalrescue@gmail.com or text 986-200-1033.

Click to our online adoption application here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdXVzo01IJ8KsjeUloz-vzprWLJDrdOpaHnkBNc3HKEj2VqyQ/viewform?fbclid=IwAR01l8CUeXqU7logoC6-LD7zTglYj9YDYJNK_FaLFI24WHyjcUguUr3BmsA