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Lola Photos

Lola Info

Looking for a cozy
night in companion?
I'm your girl!!

Age: 3ish years old

Bulldog/American Pitbull Mix

Dog friendly, cats beware

I know this might come as a surprise to you, but I am actually a lap dog. I don't care what size the lap is, I will fit there! When I'm done snuggling, I am ready to roughhouse with the best of them. You could say I'm the full package. And if that wasn't enough to convince you, I'm pretty great with tiny humans too.

Meet LOLA by completing an application at www.lakelowellanimalrescue.org.



Cupcake Photos

Cupcake Info

Currently in Boise Boarding Kennels

CUPCAKE is ~4 years old and 60 pounds of squishy!

She is GOOFY and has been described as a short, friendly bowling ball, and we can't agree more.

She is good with some dogs, but is not a fan of cats. She loves every human she meets.

She makes funny sounds, flops frog legged on the ground, and makes herself comfortable anytime she wants to. She loves rolling in the grass (see video).

She loves walks and checks in with her handler. She will even auto-sit when you stop! (see video).

She loves her snacks and snuggles. She rides well in a car.

We recently learned that she enjoys chewies (see video).

She is a very unique, very special, funny, laidback girl who will utterly steal your heart if you meet her!

Meet CUPCAKE by completing an application at www.lakelowellanimalrescue.org.





Over 1 year in boarding; Currently in Boise kennels

NELSON is a 1.5-year-old cutie-patootie who was living with two dogs and a cat. He played with the resident female dog, but older resident dog kept starting fights with him. The situation was no longer safe for the older people in the home, so they needed to rehome him. We are now looking for a dog-free, child-free home for NELSON, but cats are OK.

NELSON did well at a recent offsite adoption event. He was fine with the other dogs and meeting strangers. He knows sit and stay and is treat-motivated to learn more.

He was lucky to be living in a foster home with an older gentleman and a cat for a few weeks, but NELSON was just too much dog for an almost 80-year-old.

NELSON rides well in a car and is a total goof-ball. NELSON is house-trained with a doggy door.

NELSON is neutered, fully vaccinated, and microchipped. His adoption fee is $225.

Complete an easy, online foster application to meet NELSON in Boise. https://www.friendsfureveranimalrescue.com/foster-application

BACKGROUND: NELSON was found in the desert when he was 8 weeks old with the rest of his litter. He was apparently used as a bait dog and he was the only survivor. He was taken in by a Good Samaritan (former animal control officer) who didn't want to see him used as a bait dog for dog fighters.





Currently in Boise boarding kennels

NUGGET is a young (3-4 years old), medium-to-high-energy male husky who is friendly with other dogs. He has been nose-to-nose with cats with no reaction (by either). He is a total sweetheart.

He has decent manners and knows his basic obedience commands.

He was a gem at a recent dance competition event with lots of commotion. He was especially good around children, soaking up all their love and giving kisses.

He walks well on a leash.

'MORE PHOTOS: https://photos.app.goo.gl/odNyE5VWWqjcAViq5

Complete an easy, online adoption application to meet NUGGET in Boise.

BACKGROUND: NUGGET was found stray in Gooding County in December, but his owner never came for him.





Currently in Boise foster home


NIKITA is a lovely, soft 30-pound, ~1.5 year old Labrador, possible Shiba Inu mix (Shibador) that was accustomed to visiting the doggy daycare facility in Boise. One day her owner decided that she had to give NIKITA up to them so that they could find a new home for her.

NIKITA is very friendly with everyone and very dog friendly and enjoys being around cats. She has not lived with kids.

NIKITA is housetrained, crate-trained, walks well on a leash, already knows sit, and is treat-motivated to learn more.

Adoption includes current health vaccines (DHPP, bordetella), rabies vaccine and spay.

Contact Justeen or Sandy at Emerald Street Kennels, Boise 208-378-0123 to set up a meet.

"Nikita, 1.5yr old Shiba Inu/Lab Mix is a foster with me through Emerald Street Kennels in Boise, ID. She has been getting home skills and basic obedience during her time here. When she first got here it didn't seem like she knew more than "sit" and possibly "down" but neither were super solid. Through her time here she has added to her skill list "spin", "off", "wait", "leave it", "drop it", "back", "touch", and "shh" as she is a bit of an alert dog.

She has been going with me for some training sessions and she is a fantastic dog for aggressive/reactive dogs, just tell her "leave it" and she will ignore the dog which helps put them at ease. With more social dogs she is such a social butterfly, she gets along with all play styles and breeds.

*Nikita does have some mild resource guarding issues with toys and various random items she is not supposed to have. Over her time here with me she has learned to "drop it" for almost all things she gets ahold of and if not then I can safely get things out of her mouth if needed. For this reason though she will need to have a home with older kids and an owner who is experienced with holding a dog accountable to the boundaries set in the house.*

She is crate/kennel trained, potty trained, and great with cats that are used to dogs. She does like to pester them occasionally but just tell her "come" and she'll come trotting over. She only wants to play with them but hasn't quite realized that hissing isn't part of cat play behavior.

We take her for two walks a day and an hour each and a half-hour break outside or playtime in the middle of the day and then she sleeps for the rest of the time. If this sounds like something you can keep up with please contact me to meet her or if you have any questions! Her adoption will be through Emerald Street Kennels where I am a trainer for the rescues there.

Nikita will also come with a large bag of food, treats, toys, blankets etc. but no kennel. I am also including 2 free training sessions for her and her new owner to make sure the transition into her forever home is smooth."



HEIDI Photos


Currently in Meridian -- Losing foster home in June

HEIDI is a healthy 2-year-old German Shepherd and on the smaller size.

HEIDI is dog-friendly, but she was too interested in small dogs and cats in her foster homes. She will bond quickly with her people to be one loyal dog. She seems to be more comfortable with women than men.

HEIDI likes to snuggle and will lie on top of you and fall asleep. HEIDI is smart and learns quickly. She is easy to correct on leash. She loves car rides.

HEIDI absolutely loves fetch, and it's great exercise for her. She has learned to sit before the ball will be thrown and she retrieves it. Sometimes she plays keep away, but does listen sometimes to "drop it."

HEIDI can sit, shake and lie down on command. The "shhhhht" command is used a lot prior to her getting excited and refocuses her. She loves water and will play in the toilet or shower any chance she gets. She has been known to counter-surf, but was trained to stay out of the kitchen by her foster families.

HEIDI is a high-energy dog most of the time even up until bedtime. She can get a little wild.

HEIDI is crate-trained and doesn't bark for attention. At her recent foster home, she was crated for a week and then had free roam of the house for short periods of time and she did great. She no longer needs her crate and it seems to stress her out.

HEIDI is bell trained, so she rings the bell hanging from the door when she wants out. First thing in the morning I have to tell her to go potty several times at the door before she will finally go.

HEIDI can be a dominant dog with other dogs, but doesn't hurt them. HEIDI has shown some food and toy aggression if you try to take her toy while it's in her mouth or touch her food while eating, but that can be worked through. Foster mom indicates that she does fine with hand-feeding. She can still be rough when taking treats.

HEIDI is timid around men. She seems to dislike men, especially when wearing a hat. She's been exposed to many men and she barks and you can tell she's scared but on watch. She is obsessed with the foster mom's 17-year-old son, so a relationship can happen with men. Strange men should just ignore her and maybe even crouch, look away, and let HEIDI come to them.

HEIDI will do best in an active and experienced home with a confident and calm owner who can exercise her every day and work on training. HEIDI will thrive with routine. With continued training, patience, and love, HEIDI can be the best dog. A home without small kids (she can be timid and may have too much energy) is also needed. Once comfortable with her people, HEIDI will be a typical puppy and will need to burn off her energy. Finding a job for HEIDI will be best. HEIDI has the makings of a great companion dog for a PTSD veteran.

HEIDI's bed, grooming tools, treats, toys, bells for the doors, leashes, and collars will go with her to her furever home.

MORE PHOTOS/VIDEOS: https://photos.app.goo.gl/YiiRrZywSuucnp1U7

Adoption fee is $225 and includes current health vaccines, spay, health exam, rabies vaccine, and microchip.

Complete an easy, online foster or adoption application to meet HEIDI in Meridian.

BACKGROUND: HEIDI was abandoned in boarding by the only family that she knew. After several months trying to get her family to pick her up, she was rescued by FFAR. Unfortunately, she remained in boarding for many months.



BALTO Photos


Currently in Boise boarding kennels

Meet BALTO!!!

He is a 2 year old, medium-sized <55 lbs, mellow boy who was given shelter by Emerald Street Kennels when he lost his home with younger pup, JUNO (darker pup).

BALTO appears friendly with all. While on a walk, he doesn't seem to care, and doesn't get excited, about other dogs or people that he sees.

BALTO love treats and humans of all sizes. BALTO is reportedly good with dogs, but not good with small animals, cats, or livestock.

BALTO walks well on a leash. He takes treats with a gentle mouth. He seems to know some obedience commands like 'sit' and 'stay'. He seems to enjoy being touched.

BALTO will be fully-vaccinated and neutered for his forever family.

Meet BALTO by calling Emerald Street Kennels, Boise 208-378-0123 or go visit during open hours.



JUNO Photos


Currently in Boise boarding kennels

Meet JUNO!!!

He is a 1.5-year-old, medium-sized, alert and active boy who was given shelter by Emerald Street Kennels when he lost his home with an older pup, BALTO (lighter one). JUNO appears friendly and super observant.

JUNO is good with dogs and kids, but not good with small animals, cats, or livestock.

JUNO walks OK on a leash and is learning obedience commands.

They are both happy and silly and they absolutely love humans. They enjoy getting brushed and are learning to sit for treats.

Both are very treat-inspired and absolutely love puppaccinos... wonderful little dogs with big hearts

Meet JUNO by calling Emerald Street Kennels, Boise 208-378-0123 or visit during open hours.



ODIN Photos


Currently in Boise boarding kennels

Meet this soft, quiet 3-year-old Akbash-Retriever blend named ODIN that needs a new home.

ODIN is good with dogs, but has not yet been around cats. He loves all people.

ODIN walks well on a harness and already knows sit, shake, and wait.

Adoption includes current health vaccines (DHPP, bordetella), rabies vaccine and neuter.

Contact Justeen or Sandy at Emerald Street Kennels, Boise 208-378-0123 to set up a meet.





Currently in Boise

Unique-looking with stunning blue eyes, this sweet 2-year-old German Short-Haired Pointer/Catahoula mix CALVIN is looking for a spot by your couch.

CALVIN is dog-friendly, full of personality, and will make an excellent addition to any no-cat family with a fenced yard.

Goofy CALVIN is friendly with everyone and is sure to make you smile.

He gently takes treats and sits patiently while you dig the out of your treat pouch. He's one of the softest dogs ever♥️

Check out what his favorite volunteer has to say about CALVIN: "This guy is a real catch and he is a hugger, too♥️ if you ever want to feel special then hang out with Calvin because he listens and come in close for loves and treats. Calvin is a special dog with a whole lot of love to give"

CALVIN's adoption includes current vaccines, neuter, and microchip.

Meet CALVIN by completing an easy, online adoption application at https://freedomboundhounds.com/adopt/

BACKGROUND: This adorable boy has spent many long days alone in an overcrowded shelter. He was rescued by Freedom Bound Hounds the day that he was scheduled to be euthanized for space. We're excited to give him his second chance and hope you'll be excited to meet him!





Currently in Boise

Who wants to meet an incredibly handsome 1 year old, 35-40 pound puppy who has a lot of love to give??? BUBBAS is your man!

Do you need someone to watch Netflix with? I'm just a big lap dog and enjoy cuddling on the couch.

My foster mom says I am very smart and learn quickly! I'm still working on training, but I already know how to sit and would love to take a puppy class to learn more good behaviors!

I get along with my 2-year-old foster fur sister (a lab mix). I love to play, so I might be too energetic for smaller dogs. I live with a 14-year-old Chiweenie, but mom watches us closely when I try to get him to play. Unsure how I will react around cats.

I ride well in the car and love helping mom when she is doing errands. I don't complain during baths.

We are working on potty training and making great progress with the help of a doggy door and routine; so far no accidents in the crate. I currently eat in my crate and will go in, but I let mom know sometimes that I prefer to be out. I go right to bed and sleep in my crate all night.

I was lucky to be evaluated by a professional dog trainer and I learned that I am a sensitive dog that needs an experienced, dog-savvy owner in a child-free home who can work with me to help me find my confidence.

I'm already neutered and fully vaccinated.

So, whadda you think? Don't I sound wonderful???

Come meet me, BUBBAS, by contacting Emerald Street Kennels, Boise, 208-378-0123



LEO Photos

LEO Info

1 year in Boise boarding kennels

Almost 3-year-old LEO is a gorgeous, healthy husky that found himself homeless but was lucky to be given shelter by Emerald Street Kennels, Boise. He is now looking for a foster or forever home.

On his walks with volunteers, he does not seem reactive to dogs, but he has not done well with farm animals. He is currently going on pack runs with other dogs a few times per week.

He is curious and seems to want to investigate or play with anything that moves and some things that do not. Bees, grasshoppers, and field mice excite him, but so did a plastic bottle and a paper cup!

LEO understands 'come here' when spoken in a friendly, gentle manner and expects to be petted afterward.

LEO has a gentle mouth when taking treats. When we stopped to sit on the grass, he stayed very close to the handler. He is a kisser if you let him. He will rest his head on your lap too. Leo showed very little interest in a ball until a treat was stuck inside of it. It took him about two minutes on two different attempts to get the treat out of the ball.

He would be a good dog for an adult-only family. With dogs in the home, LEO is likely dog-selective. He may not know how to share his resources. A home without other dogs is best for LEO at this time.

Meet LEO by calling Emerald Street Kennels, Boise 208-378-0123 or go visit during open hours.



ALBUS Photos


Almost 1 year in Boise boarding kennels

ALBUS is an almost 2 year old pittie mix who is just an unbridled, happy, energetic boy who likes to jump on all the humans he meets and give them a big hug.

He is great with other dogs, has initially tested well with cats, and loves EVERYONE!

He is all ready for some training, lots of exercise, and some other energetic doggie friends to play with.

Meet ALBUS by visiting www.lakelowellanimalrescue.org and completing an application.